Hot topic. Do you know why, what it does to the body or what causes it?

Inflammation can be good. Wait, what? Our white blood cells & their bi-products are caped crusaders that provide protection from infection.

However, auto-immune diseases like Celiac &Hashimotos cause the body to attack healthy tissues as if they’re infected & creates inflammation.

And then there’s stress. We live in a stress free world right? Is your job or life stressing you out? Have you put on weight despite doing all the things? Are valiantly trying to lose weight & can’t? Trouble sleeping? Adult acne? Poor performance at work? You’re not alone. Chronic stress will lead to breakdown of tissues & immune system, cause hypertension & overproduce cortisol, the stress hormone. It me! #posterchild. My causes: I’d just moved across the country, paid mortgage & rent for 9 mos. & a BEYOND stressful job. I no longer have that job.

My symptoms were all over the map. I felt swollen, major brain fog & severely fatigued. I sported some DARK circles under my eyes. Supes cute. Concealer was barely making a dent. It was a struggle to move during my beloved yoga. I’ve listed a few other symptoms below. All pretty common ailments or complaints. Interesting that they may be connected to something greater.

Identification is key. A functional medicine/naturopathic medical doc will be able to order blood work that will help narrate the story. What we found: my hormone & thyroid levels were OFF, my adrenals are toast & I’m essentially celiac. STRESS FTW!

Initial ways to combat inflammation are by changing diet, exercise, meditation & minimizing stress. I didn’t say it was easy. It’s a balancing act. Not everyone can or will just quit a job. Gluten, sugar & dairy have to be the first to go. It’s best to work w. someone (like me) who can help guide you through other inflammatory food sources & environmental triggers to make sustainable changes. What works & doesn’t is individual.

Symptoms: Acne-Bloating-Brain Fog-Chills-Eczema-Fever-Food Sensitivity-Headaches-Hormone Imbalance-Inability to Lose Weight-Loss of Appetite/ Energy-Muscle Stiffness

Isn’t this mind blowing?

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