Banh Mi Bowl

Bahn Mi Bowl

Okay, so banh mi typically refers to a sandwich on a baguette and is usually full of things like ham and pate, so I took some creative liberties. I wanted to make something a little more health supportive and I’m am starting to ease into a cleanse and elimination diet which will start in a little more than a week (more on that later). This was pretty quick and easy and you can use any grain or even riced cauliflower.

You need to cut and pickle some veggies (carrots, radish and cucumber are traditional and this is quick and painless), select a grain and cook it, choose a protein (I have some buried edamame between the carrots and cukes) and make sriracha mayo.

I made the sriracha veganaise (yes from scratch with aquafaba, some oil, salt, vinegar and nutritional yeast and sriracha). It’s quite tasty and hits the spot. Needs some tweaks… you can keep it simple and add sriracha to vegenaise or full on mayo)



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