Berry Matcha Chia Mousse

Berry Matcha Chia Mousse
Makes 2

Yep, this is so good and it looks really pretty. #thatisall

🍓1 cup full fat coconut milk or coconut cream (I used @traderjoes – coconut cream. The amount of liquid to fat ratio will determine the moussey-ness. Yep, I made that word up)
🍓2 tbsp maple syrup (I used @traderjoes organic grade A Amber color)
🍓1 tbsp tocos (I used @sunpotion)
🍓2 tsp maca powder (I used @navitasorganics)
🍓2 tsp organic vanilla extract (I used @wholefoods)
🍓1 tsp or 1 pkt of matcha powder (I used @Traderjoes)
🍓1/4 cup chia seeds (I used @nutiva)

🍓1/4 cup walnuts, deglet dates, gluten free oats (I used @bobsredmill)
🍓1 tbsp hemp seeds (I used @manitobaharvest))
🍓Berries of your choice (use organic!)
🍓Put chia seeds in a medium bowl
Combine all other ingredients in a blender (I used my cute @vitamix), blend on low until well combined and it has a mousse like texture. You may need to add a little more liquid depending on how much of the coconut cream you’ve used.
🍓Fold ingredients into the chia seeds. Make sure everything is all nice and combined.
🍓Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight to set.

🍓Add dates to food processor, pulse until it forms a little ball. Remove from food processor. Add the other ingredients to food processor. pulse to combine and it’s crumbled. Add dates, pulse to combine.
🍓To assemble – layer mousse, crumble, berries and repeat. You’ll get a couple layers of each! I like to reserve a bit of crumble for garnish.

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