Odds and Ends Fried Rice

Fried RiceI’ve been busy today and have a bit more to do, so I needed to make a quick dinner tonight. Therefore, instead of ordering in (which was tempting), I threw a bit of everything I had in the fridge in a pan and fried rice was born. It MAY have taken about 20 minutes to prep and cook.
I had leftover rice from the hybrid bowl I made yesterday, a few random shiitakes, a small carrot, some kale stems, pineapple, green onions, garlic, ginger and black sesame seeds. The white rice is harmonizing for the spleen, the veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrient density and fiber, the ginger and garlic are warming and grounding and the black sesame seeds are high in calcium and great for the hair (say no more), in addition to many other things.

The pineapple reminded me of this cute little cafe in the Nolita neighborhood of NYC called @lovelydayny. They serve pineapple fried rice and I may or may not have eaten it on many a hungover occasion.

Any thoughts on how you can repurpose what’s in your fridge for a quick and easy dinner?

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