Oat Milk


Oat Milk
Quick, Easy and Nutrient Dense
Makes about 3 cups
20 minutes to soak
3-4 minutes to blend
Cheaper and better for you than store bought


🥛 1 cup organic rolled oats, soaked at least 20 minutes (I used @onedegreeorganics gluten free, sprouted rolled oats)
🥛3 cups water
🥛OPTIONAL – add cinnamon, cardamom or other spices

🥛Drain and rinse the oats in a strainer
🥛Add oats to blender, then add 3 cups water. Add spices if you are using.
🥛Blend on high for a few minutes until well combined
🥛OPTIONAL – Strain the oat milk through fine mesh sieve or cheese cloth to remove the grit. Personally, I leave the grit in as it maintains more of the whole food and nutrient density.

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