Vitamin B12

B12 - Supplements

Vitamin B12

VitaminB12 is water soluble and is critical for us as it helps neurological function, DNA synthesis and help your blood cells slay and get in formation. Kinda cool and kinda imperative for us to make sure we get it in our diets.
B12 is only bio-available in animal protein sources. Therefore if you follow a plant based diet, even if you do have a little animal protein now and again, you must take a supplement. Deficiency can look a lot like these “fun” things: fatigue, heart palpitations and shortness of breath, numbness, nerve issues, weakness, constipation, lightheadedness and anemia. There are plenty more. #nothanks

I prefer the sublingual (below the tongue) supplement, but there are a few types available.
Definitely have your doctor or naturopath check your levels to determine your B12 levels and how much you should be taking.

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