Spirulina - Supplements

I take Spirulina, an anti-inflammatory algae, somewhat regularly. I’m not a huge supplement taker as I prefer to get my nutrients from food. However, I always bring it with me when I travel as I know I will not be eating my normal plethora of veggies and nutrient dense diet. It’s pretty much a perfect supplement. It is high in protein, B vitamins, iron and even some omega 3 and .6 fatty acids. It also helps level out cholesterol levels. You can get in vitamin or powder form.
Be careful, as Spirulina is potent. I would not recommend taking it on the daily, though I did not go to medical school, so check with your doc. But I’ve actually OD’d, and spent an entire day in bed with a fever of 102F and had nothing but electrolytes. Though I did get some good binge watching in. I would work your way up to what the recommended dose suggested on the packaging.

It’s also cooling, so be careful about taking too much in winter/cold.

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