Ever wonder WTF pH and pH balance mean and why it matters? Well, here’s a high level breakdown and why it matters to you, your body and your health.


pH scale that measures the acidity, neutrality & alkalinity of a substance from 0 to 14. Acidic substances are lower on the scale. Alkaline substances have higher pH. Those substances that are neither acidic or alkaline, are known as base or neutral usually have a pH of 7.

Our bodies have a small range it must keep in order to maintain good health & balance, 7.35-7.45. To keep tabs on yourself, you can buy inexpensive test strips on Amazon, Whole Foods, Sprouts or other health food stores. All you do it spit in a cup or bowl, dip the strip and call it a day.

Sickness like colds & disease like cancer live their best lives in acidity (aka a low pH), and cannot live in alkalinity (aka high pH). Fruits and vegetables are more alkaline, therefore it’s pretty important to eat more of them as that will help to elevate the blood pH level and create a loving, cozy and amazing environment in the bod to discourage sickness & disease cells from growing.

Just like being too acidic, you can be too alkaline which may cause gastrointestinal issues, skin irritations, nausea and vomiting. Sounds like a not good time. It is rather difficult to become to alkaline, so eat fruits & veggies with near reckless abandon.

Finding a balance is key, as mentioned above. Should you feel a little off balance, may be worth springing for some pH strips & observe your diet/eating habits.

Acidic: Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, white sugar and alcohol.
Neutral: Natural fats/starches and natural sugars (like maple syrup and coconut sugar)
Alkaline: Fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables.

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