Maple Miso Glaze That Should Go On Everything

Maple Miso Glaze


I’m cleaning out my fridge in preparation for my upcoming trip. I had some brussel sprouts, 3/4 sweet potato and some white rice as well as the ingredients to make an amazing miso maple glaze that can and should be covering everything you eat. This would be good on any roasted veggie or a top fish, like salmon.

HOW (you will make this a reality)
🍴2 tbsp miso (I used miso master organic gluten free sweet white miso)
🍴2 tbsp maple syrup
🍴2 tsp tamari
🍴2 tsp rice vinegar
🍴1 tsp grated ginger
🍴1/2 tsp sesame oil (while I prefer roasted sesame oil, it has a very low smoke point and shouldn’t be roasted. It should be used as a finishing oil or salad dressing)

WHAT (to do)
Place all ingredients in a bowl, whisk together as pour over whatever vehicle you’d like to get this sauce to your mouth.

Miso is fermented, meaning it has the good gut bacteria. However, those lovely little guys are pretty much destroyed when heated.
Not all miso is gluten free, as traditionally it is fermented with wheat. Double check the container if that is something you are trying or need to avoid

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