Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Smoothie of The Day – Green. Which is named for its green ingredients (I know, I’m SO clever)

Nutrient Dense

Hydrating, good fats, good for digestion, packed with nutrients!
🥑 1/2 haas avocado (you can use the whole avocado and omit the 🍌)
🥑1/2 banana
🥑1/2 cup greens (I used @traderjoesPower to the Greens)
🥑1/4 cup loosely packed mint leaves
🥑3” section of organic English cucumber, cut into pieces
🥑3 stems with leaves parsley
🥑1 tbsp Tocos (I used @sunpotion)
🥑1 tbsp organic hemp seeds (you can use chia. I used @manitobaharvest hemp seeds)
🥑1/2 cup coconut water (I used @harmlessharvest)
🥑1/2 cup non dairy milk (I used @califiafarms unsweetened almond)
🥑3-4 deglet dates (pits removed!)
🥑ice cubes

BLEND. I used my cute little @vitamix

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