Ginger Root

Ginger - Doctrine of Signature

The Doctrine of Signature, which dates back to longer than four score and seven years ago, asserts that foods that resemble parts of the body, can be used to treat the parts of the body. So cool!
Ginger resembles the human stomach. So is it any surprise that in many forms, ginger is called upon to aid digestion (think ginger ale or ginger tea)? I’d say not so much. It’s magical powers extend well beyond soothing an upset stomach. This little flavorful powerhouse also welcomes the nutrients from the food we eat and helps them assimilate into the bloodstream. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (#TCM) It helps direct the stomach qi (energy) downward, which is the correct direction. It’s like a guide or new hire orientation for nutrients and qi.

Ginger is closely related to turmeric, cardomon and galangal, so like it’s relatives, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger can be consumed in many forms: fresh, dried, juice or a tincture. All are warming, and a great addition to the winter diet.

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